CWI Properties


We design sustainability and resiliency into your project while providing the best building experience that you will ever have. Building a beautifully comfortable home while stewarding natural resources and creating a healthy, abundant landscape that benefits you, your community and the environment is our passion.


Josh Thomas, Co-Owner and President of CWI, holds a degree in Architecture and over 25-years experience in custom residential construction. He has managed large scale, remote projects as well as small scale properties in more urban environments. He has the experience to guide you on your custom property in any environment or condition.


We value people first. Great results are only possible when we listen to our customers and craftspeople. We value the environment we live and work in and will always promote appropriate sustainable construction practices. Our craftsmanship puts the details together in a way that brings out your projects beauty while ensuring it will stand the test of time.


It’s our mission to provide a great building experience while promoting more sustainable and resilient living. We believe we can best serve you by carefully stewarding the resources necessary to design and build your project. We do that by maintaining a holistic, long-range view of your project and maintaining open communication with you at all times.