Echo Springs

Echo Springs  teaches young adults character, discipline, and direction.

Echo Springs empowers young adults to live effective and productive lives. Through this program students will identify their interests, assess their strengths, and learn to manage their weaknesses. We facilitate the opportunity to re-envision their dreams. Students learn they can accomplish realistic goals. Echo Springs supports students in the transition from passive onlooker to active participants in their own lives.

Echo Springs leads a three-phase system that teaches young adults how to live motivated and fruitful lives. Our students are often brighter than average‚ struggling in school or out of school. They have the potential to lead independent lives – but they lack the tools‚ the drive‚ and the confidence to get back on track. Some of our students are transitioning out of therapeutic boarding schools‚ re…covery centers‚ or wilderness programs. They’re stalled‚ stuck‚ and need structured leadership in a safe haven.
We offer a down to earth approach that teaches and models effective behavior such as:
Effective boundary setting      Practical life skills      Real-world work exposure      Self defined goal setting      Time management      Clean and Sober living