Filtration Plus

Filtration Plus Inc. provides air treatment solutions, such as dehumidification and humidification, for nearly all aspects of manufacturing, including metal fabrication, electronics,  medical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food processing, and special situation  rooms such as surgical suites and infection control rooms. Filtration Plus Inc. proudly services Idaho, Montana,  Northern Wyoming, and Eastern Washington

Even though Filtration Plus, Inc. of Idaho has only been in  operation since 2008, Lynn and Trey Haworth bring a wealth of experience with  them to the Great Northwest.

Back in 1988, they felt the need to provide controlled  environments for the very specific and promising computer industry.  They formed a little Corporation known as  Filtration Plus Southwest (“filtration plus a whole lot more!”), which covered  a territory that included New Mexico, Northern Mexico and their home state,  Arizona.  Nineteen years later, the  company had experienced a loss of customers due to most high tech components  being manufactured offshore.  FPSW had  become a manufacturers’ representative that now met the needs of an industrial  market.  That market, however, was declining  toward the end of the millennium in the Southwest.

Talking with a few of their manufacturers it appeared that  the Northwest Territory was open for representation for specialized engineered  products.  After a visit that started in  Coeur de Alene, Idaho and ended at the Canadian border, the decision to move  the family, animals, and business was easy.    It was so beautiful, clean and wet.   Of course, the winters would be an adventure but the hunting would put  meat on the table!

Filtration Plus, Incorporated was founded in 2008 in the  State of Idaho.  The original group of  manufacturers are still on their line card and have been joined by some of the  best companies in the world that produce high quality, energy efficient  solutions to air quality challenges.

Filtration Plus Inc. works directly with designers,  installers and end users.  Typically,  consulting engineers or an in-house facilities engineer will provide technical  requirements for a specific application or project to Filtration Plus Inc.   Often, a plant visit for layout and  measurement is made and the drawing begins.   Filtration Plus Inc. works closely with the end user’s team; the  governing agencies’ regulations and the installation team to assure the job is  correct from conception to completion. “Do it right the first time” is their  motto.

Providing high quality, energy efficient solutions to the  industrial markets in the Great Northwest is the Filtration Plus Inc. goal.  They will continue to maintain their focus on the customers’ need to raise  productivity, manufacture quality products and provide a safe environment for  their employees