Heart Rock Wines and The CrossTime Saloon

Heart Rock Wines and The CrossTime Saloon is a Wine & Craft beer store in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. We will be happy to guide you through a tasting journey of excellent wines from the American Northwest, with an occasional foray into other regions and countries.

Our particular passion is for Washington State wineries, of which there are now around 900, whilst Idaho and Oregon will be on the map too. We serve and sell by the glass, bottle or case and our certified pourer and tasting expert will guide you through the complex flavours and tasting notes in a variety of high quality and hand-picked wines. All of our wines are from artisan, boutique wineries where the talent runs high but production does not. There are hundreds of excellent Northwest winemakers out there who deserve to be showcased, but are rarely seen in supermarkets, where most of the wines are from mass-producing, corporate-owned wineries.

And, for all of the beer drinkers out there, fear not! We also stock an ever-changing and varied selection of hand-picked Craft Beers and Ales from some of the West Coast’s most exciting breweries. Pale Ales, IPA’s, Red Ales, Porters, Stouts and many, many other styles … we even have a great selection of Ciders, Sake and Meads for you to try! Non-alcoholic beverages too – Whatever your tastes, we’ll have somethingn cold and delicious that is guaranteed to appeal to your particular palate!

So, if like us, you are a fan of excellent Wines and Craft Beers (as well as a delightful nibble of cheese, chocolate and charcuterie) we hope you will take the time to visit us in our beautiful new tasting cellar.

– Lillian & Kris