Idaho State Senator Shawn Keough

Shawn Keough – Experience that counts!

Shawn Keough is the Idaho State Senator for Legislative District One which includes Bonner and Boundary Counties in northern Idaho.

First elected in 1996, Senator Keough is serving her ninth term. Senator Keough serves on the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee and is vice-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.  Senator Keough also serves on the Senate Transportation Committee.

In 2013, Senator Keough was appointed by Senate Leadership to Co-Chair the Economic Outlook and Revenue Assessment Committee.  This committee is responsible for reviewing the economic status of Idaho and setting an estimate for the Legislature of the tax revenues that will be received in the year ahead. For six years Senator Keough served as Co-Chair of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee which oversees the Legislature’s Office of Performance Evaluations. During the summer of 2005, Senator Keough was appointed to serve as Co-Chair of the Legislative Interim Committee on Property Taxes.