Picturesque Salon & Photography



                                   PIC·TUR·ESQUE [pik-chuh-resk]​
               Having pleasing or interesting qualities; strikingly effective in appearance.
​We at Picturesque believe that beauty is everywhere you look. In personal beauty, sometimes it starts with one 
thing and cascades into a wellness mindset. 

Let us start by making you feel like royalty...

Spoil yourself at Picturesque

A salon, photography studio, and heated yoga studio.

Picturesque will be a celebration of all things feminine, mainly centered in the upstairs portion of the building at 7196 Main St.

While the wide-open downstairs section is expected to be a bazaar of sorts where small vendors can sell their wares, the heart of Picturesque will be focused in the long-unused upstairs of the building.

A number of rooms are currently under remodel, refinishing vintage doors and trim and updating paint, hardwood floors and fixtures.

Helping women feel good is the main focus of the entire operation, and the pair hopes to be able to help with women’s issues, donate to women’s charities and find other ways to help women feel good about themselves.

Customers will be treated to a complementary glass of champagne with some packages.



Yoga is a great thing and meditation is also great to get connected to yourself more. –Ziggy Marley

        Photography……You don’t take a photograph, you make it.​ ​–Ansel Adams