Woodbury Reports

Woodbury Reports,  Inc. was founded in November 1989, by Lon  Woodbury, MA, IECA, CEP, as an Independent Educational Consulting firm  to help parents of teens making poor decisions select a private, parent choice  program that would help return the family to normalcy.

Since then, we have helped hundreds of  families over the years. We understand that each family is different; each child  has individual needs, strengths, and interests.

In 1995, StrugglingTeens.com went online as the original website for  information about the many schools and programs available for troubled teens.  The news and articles listed within this site provide an invaluable resource  for both parents and professionals, as well as anyone interested in helping  troubled teens find successful paths to adulthood.

With a combination of training  and 20+ years of experience, our educational  consultants provide balanced news, information, and provide  professional help for  parents of struggling and troubled teens helping families find  programs, services and schools for teens and at risk youth.