Boundary County, Idaho, is a premier vacation destination, offering outstanding natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities that rank among the best in the nation! Use our recreation map below, and scroll down for the keyed recreation information to learn more about our many recreational choices.

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clip_image001 Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge

clip_image002Wildlife enthusiasts or bird watchers shouldn’t miss a visit to the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge hosts more than 230 species of birds, – 45 species of mammals, 22 species of fish and more scenery than can be absorbed in a day. The refuge lies on 2,774 acres of prime wetlands and meadows. It was established as a refuge in 1965 to provide a resting place to migrating waterfowl in the Pacific Flyway.

Tens of thousands of migrating ducks, geese and swans visit the refuge in the fall. Summer residents include bald eagles, rough-legged hawks, herons, geese and ducks. With luck, one may spot big game such as elk, deer, bear or moose.

The 4.5-mile auto tour circumnavigates the main ponds, winding past several wildlife photo blinds. The refuge has a system of foot trails as well, the shortest of which is the Myrtle Falls trail. The trail is winding and steep but is well-maintained. The view of the falls makes the hike worthwhile.

The refuge is open during the day year-round, although the auto tour is restricted during hunting season. To get there, go west on Riverside Road in downtown Bonners Ferry for five miles to the refuge entrance. The office is two miles farther down the road. Pick up a trail map at the refuge office. Get more info at the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, website, or Friends of Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge; or call the refuge at 208/267-3888.

clip_image003 Elk Mountain Farms

North of Bonners Ferry, Elk Mountain Farms grows hops for parent company Anheuser-Busch. The two locations in the Kootenai River Valley comprise 1,700 acres of fertile ground that grows 889 hops plants per acre. The intricate system of poles and trellises is impressive, as are the vines that grow 20 feet tall. Harvest is in late August to early September. To view the field, drive north on Highway 95 to Highway 1 and turn left on the Copeland Road. Drive to the Westside Road and go south for outstanding views overlooking the fields. The operation can also be seen from Porthill.

clip_image004 Moyie River Overlook and Bridge

Just .5 mile east of Moyie Springs on Highway 2. Spectacular views of Moyie River and dam from one of the highest bridges in Idaho.

clip_image005McArthur Wildlife Management Area

Located 15 miles south of Bonners Ferry on Highway 95, this wildlife area is home to waterfowl, moose, elk, Canada geese and bald eagles.

Map-Icons-star5 Boundary Creek Wildlife Management Area

This 1,405 acre provides habitat for ruffed grouse, wild turkey, rough-legged hawk, great horned owl, a variety of waterfowl and other wildlife including deer, moose and bear.

Map-Icons-star6 Naples General Store

The Naples General Store is a true general store, with wood floors and a welcoming wood stove. The inventory is complete and competitively priced – with groceries, gas, frozen food, produce, deli, propane, kerosene, hardware, a gift and music section, and much more. The Naples General Store operates the first and only American Youth Hostel in Idaho. Call 267-2947.

clip_image019 Kootenai Tribal Sturgeon Hatchery

The Kootenai Tribal Sturgeon Hatchery plays a major role in the recovery of the white sturgeon species. The hatchery was built in the spring of 1991 as an experimental facility to help enhance the endangered Kootenai River white sturgeon population. Recent improvements to the hatchery, along with a continued understanding on the culture of white sturgeon, have contributed greatly. The hatchery raises one- and two-year-old sturgeon for release into the Kootenai River as directed under research objectives. Funding is provided by the Bonneville Power Administration under the support of the Northwest Power Planning and Conservation Act of 1980.

The hatchery is located on Kootenai Tribe property three miles west of Bonners Ferry. Visitors are invited to stop in anytime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call for directions or to arrange a tour; 208-267-7082. Hatchery personnel take pride in the upkeep of the hatchery, cleaning the tanks and feeding the fish daily. The spawning process takes place between April and June, a busy time for hatchery personnel. In addition to white sturgeon, rainbow trout are also raised at the hatchery, and used as food for adult sturgeon brought into the hatchery for spawning.

clip_image011 Boulder City Ghost Town

Access Forest Road No. 314, east of Bonners Ferry. Limited remains on site.

clip_image012 Moyie Picnic Area

Access is from Highway 95 at Good Grief, take the Moyie River Road south about three miles to Sinclair Lake.

This is a picnic and day use area with access to the Moyie River. Don’t miss viewing the unique commissioned sculpture.

clip_image_paddle Moyie River Whitewater

One of the region’s finest Class III-IV whitewater runs takes rafters and kayakers down the beautiful Moyie River Canyon with significant rapids at the Old Eileen Dam and Hole in the Wall. For experienced/advanced paddlers only.

clip_image013 Mirror Lake Golf Course

Bonners Ferry has its own challenging public golf course, Mirror Lake Golf Course, just a few miles south of town on Highway 95. The course features everything from water hazards to long fairways and is unique in that it can challenge the abilities of any golfer. A second set of tee boxes means golfers can play a second round of nine holes from a different perspective. For more information on tee times or greens fees, call 267-5314.


clip_image006 Copper Falls
Three miles southeast of Eastport via Copper Creek Road No. 2517. Unique geologic site with short, easy hike to spectacular falls.

clip_image008 Myrtle Creek Falls
clip_image0071/10 of a mile northwest of visitor center at Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge. A developed hiking trail winds up the a viewpoint of the impressive falls.

clip_image009 Smith Creek Falls
Highway 95 and Highway 1 north, then via Copeland Road to Westside Road. Falls are on private property, observe from the county road.

clip_image010 Snow Creek Falls
See “Scenic Roads,” below, to Snow Creek-Myrtle Creek Loop. Short walk to the falls on improved trail with overlooks.

Scenic Roads

Scenic roads abound in Boundary County where you can venture into the Selkirk Mountains, follow the Moyie River or see the spectacular vistas of the Kootenai River Valley. For scenic driving loop tours, try any of the following.

clip_image014 Moyie River Loop

Access from Highway 95 to Moyie River Road No. 211 or Highway 2 to Meadow Creek Road No. 229

clip_image015Kootenai Valley views; river access for boating, fishing, picnics, camping; wildlife; scenic photos; side trips to Dawson and Sinclair lakes. Year-round access for all vehicles, paved/gravel (2 hours).

clip_image016 Snow Creek – Myrtle Creek Loop

Access from Kootenai Wildlife Refuge on Forest Road Nos. 633, 661 and 402

Views of peaks in the Selkirk Crest, trail access for day hikes, side trips to Roman Nose lakes, wildlife viewing of elk, deer and bear. Summer only, not suggested for RVs or trailers (4 hours).

clip_image017 Katka Overlook

East on Ash Street from Highway 95 in Bonners Ferry to County Road No. 24, then 4 miles to Forest Road No. 314

Outstanding views of Kootenai River Valley, Bonners Ferry and the Selkirk Mountains. Year-round access for all vehicles, paved road (1.5 hours).

clip_image018 Canuck Basin

7 miles east on Highway 2 to County Road 72, north 4 miles to Forest Road No. 435, north 15 miles
Spectacular mountain views into Canada and northwest peaks, scenic picnic areas along Deer Creek, side trip to Deer Ridge lookout. Summer only, paved/gravel road, not suggested for RVs or trailers (3 hours).